Low Voltage Flexible Strip

Constant Current Ultra-Long Series

  • 2835 (Ultra-Low Power) [60LEDs/M, 4.8W/M]

    · Made by 2835(Ultra-Low Power) Top LEDs with Infineon constant current IC driver 
    · Designed to consistent the current and voltage of strip from the front to the end which have only 3% current differences
    · Max. working length up to 20M by two end powered
    · More consistent brightness and longer lifespan
    · Passed CE, ETL,RoHS,LM80 Test

LED Type 2835 (Ultra-Low Power) Top LED Power (W) 4.8w/m
LED Quantity 300LEDs, 16.7mm LED pitch Max Luminous Flux 510lm/m
Product Dimensions 5000x10x1.2mm Voltage (V) 24V DC
Unit Length 100mm/ 6LEDs Current (A) 0.18A/m
Humidity 40% - 70% RH Ingress Protection IP20/ IP44/IP65/IP68
Ambient Temperature -20°C ~ +45°C CRI >80/ 90/ 95
LED Life Time 50,000 hours Warranty 3 years

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